Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Kimmel Quotes

Generally speaking, violence always arises out of impotence. It is the hope of those who have no power.
—Hannah Arendt 
This can be true and not true at the same time.  People who don't have power doesn't necessarily mean they are violent. I can understand what Arendt was saying though. Sometimes the people that have been picked on or bullied get sick of the bullying and the torment they face, which is most of the time on a daily basis. Some people that get picked on go to extreme measures to (what they think is) solving the problem. I think that there are ways we can work against bullying and get rid of it if not all of it most of it.  Bullying is still apparent and happens on a daily basis. Adults and children are bullied or do the bullying. When will it stop. I don't know if it ever will. I f people are negative a lot there will be a negative outcome.

Alvin Poussaint, a psychia- trist at Harvard Medical School, wrote that
in America, violence is considered fun to kids. They play video games where they chop people’s heads off and blood gushes and it’s fun, it’s entertainment. It’s like a game. And I think this is the psychology of these kids—this “Let’s go out there and kill like on television.” (Klein & Chancer, 2000, p. 132) 
I can't agree with this statement in its entirety.  Just because children see something on tv, play some video games, or listen to a certain type of music, doesn't mean they will become violent. It also doesn't mean that anything that the child does is there parents fault.  The children weather they are violent are not should be held accountable for what they are doing.  A parent can raise their children to the best of their ability. But children do have their own minds and make their own decisions. 

Eminem poignantly illus- trated the role of “gay-baiting” in peer interactions. In his view, calling someone a “faggot” is not a slur on his sexuality but on his gender. He says,
The lowest degrading thing that you can say to a man . . . is to call him a faggot and try to take away his manhood. Call him a sissy. Call him a punk. “Faggot” to medoesn’t necessarily mean gay people.“Faggot” to me just means taking away your manhood. (Kim, 2001, p. 5) 
To me the word faggot shouldn't be used at all.  No matter what a person thinks it means. It is a highly offensive and derogatory term. Terms like that and retarded and gay, should not be used. Retarded and gay (when its/they are used in the wrong context)  are so highly offensive we should educate people more on why its highly offensive. Why they should not use these words out of context. Wethier or not the term faggot is a slur on gender or sexuality; it should not be used at all. I like Eminem and some of his music but at times the lyrics can be offensive.


  1. I liked the quotes that you chose from the reading. I also agree with the comments you made about each quote..nice touch adding the video.

  2. i love how you seperated your blog post with the quotes and the explainations.. and i love how you used the color purple! (my fav) hah. anyways i like the quotes you picked.. if i did the quotes post i prob. would have picked these also. funny how i had them all highlighted on my article. your video was awesome to watch -- i saw the connections to the quotes perfectly, too! i overall enjoyed your post.

  3. hi

    I agree that bullying and offending others by saying such words is not acceptable. The article indicates that the culture and the white individual's understanding of masculinity causes bullying and violence.

  4. I like that you challanged the quotes in the reading instead of taking them for word. Many of the points you made i agree with!