Monday, January 28, 2013

intro/coming out

So I guess I should introduce myself. My name is Eian McCartney Eastwood. Ive been at ric for forever i live by myself with my two cats. I don't really get along with my mother and father. The only person i really get along with is my brother carlos. My brother aaron passed away a little over 4 years ago.  So one big thing you should know about me is that i am  trans guy. I started the process of transitioning in june 2012. next step legally changing my name and top surgery. Those of you who already know me know some of the struggles that i have been through. a lot of the time i come out on top. i love my job. i work at a group home with adults that have developmental disabilities (they are people first their disabilities come second) i love food basically anything you put in front of me ill probably eat. i put hot sauce on everything. I'm a little shy at first but ill eventually come out of my shell

Sunday, January 27, 2013

media and ideology quotes

"George W. Bush suggested that "dark dungeons of evil on the internet" were partly to blame for school violence." It was also said that "politicians from across the political spectrum focused on violent video games as one of the causes of the violence." What this quote is basically saying is the media and images that teenagers view online on tv and in video games etc, cause teenagers to act irrationally. People think that just because a teenager sees something on a video game they play or something online that they see that this will influence them to do horrible things and or make bad decisions. While sometimes this is the case it is not the case all the time. People have their own minds that they can make up while they view these things it may effect them in the decisions that they make. I would not blame all of their actions on these things though.  People may see something and say o let me go do that. But that was them that made that decisions to go do that.  Someone might have told them to do something but again that was them that decided to follow that.  They could always make the choice and not follow that.

"One of the principle reasons why media images often become so controversial is that they are objectionable."  Some of the media images that they put out there can be viewed as bad or good.  I have a feeling that the media put images out there that will have a wow factor. The wow factor is what draws the viewers in.  It is something that might shock or amaze someone. It draws a viewer in because its something that interest them or its something that the media makes it seem interesting. One of the things that upsets me is that I feel like the media does not care what they put out there.  I feel like they are just there to do their job.  It feels like sometimes they don't think before they act.   They just want to do whatever it takes to get what needs to be done done.

"Consent is something that is won; ruling groups in a society actively seek to have their worldview accepted by all members of society as the universal way of thinking." This is completely understandable. Groups/society try to put out ideas and try to see if they can be acknowledged and taken on by other people. They try and see if they can get other people to believe what they believe in.
Sometimes I think people go to extremes to have their view accepted.  Sometimes people even think their view is the only view.

Do you think Media (internet, tv, etc) influences peoples decisions that they make? How and why?