Monday, March 25, 2013

Brave and peggy ornestein cinderella ate my daughter

First of all if you couldn't tell during class Brave is my favorite Disney Princess movie.  I have read Cinderella Ate my daughter. Ornstein mentions how when her daughter was little before the influence of children around her, her daughter loved thomas and played with the toys of her choosing. Ornstein never taught her daughter about the story of snow white. Ornestein says

"I had never told Daisy the story of Snow White. I had purposely kept it from her because even setting aside the obvious sexism Snow herself is such and incredible pill. Her sole virtue which as far as I can tell is tidiness----she is forever scrubbing dusting nagging the dwarfs to wash their filthy mitts(okay the girl has a ear for a catchy melody, I'll give you that. But thats where it ends.)"  
I can agree in some instances but in others I can disagree. Snow White was the first ever disney movie that was put out there. Snow White defiantly fits that time period.  She cleans all the time and is somewhat of a house wife/maid.   I think the influence of people around you affect the decisions or choices you make.  Im not saying that they do this all the time. But for instance take children's programs. What do they show during the programs? They show commercials for toys and junk food and other things that appease the children's eyes.

I think Ornstein would commend the movie Brave because I think Brave in powers girls to live their dreams.  In the movie Brave the main character Merida wants to be able to be free. She doesn't want to get married and do what a "normal" princess is supposed to do. She wants to be able to live her life free to do what she so choses to do. Merida I think is defiantly a feminist. She doesn't like to do what she's supposed to do. She likes to breath the fresh air and partake in nature.

I think that Brave is one of the better Disney princess films out there. But at the same time I think that Disney can still expand more. One thing that has bothered me about Disney Princess films is that they have not had a Disney princess in a wheelchair or a Disney princess that is developmentally disabled.  I think that Disney should advance more and chose different characters. Characters that are more diverse in every aspect.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

midterm media matters

So the part that me and Elif are doing is media matters we are using a clip from boy meets world to explain why exactly media matters and how media exactly helped cory throughout the episodes