Tuesday, February 26, 2013

reflection from knowledgeable to knowledge-able

So I really enjoyed the video clip and there was a lot of information to take in. I like what they said "we can not live the next hundred years the way we live the past hundred." I agree with this completely. During the time that we have lived we have gone through a lot. Everyone has gone through a lot. What this is saying pretty much is the way we lived in the past we can not live in the future.  We can not be so negative and so down playing.  I wish when you saw people things media,etc that everything was more truthful. I also wish that when the media puts out media that they don't always focus on the bad. I wish at times they focused on more of the good. I feel like we can change the world no matter how fast or how slow.  I like the saying slow and steady wins the race. I think the would can change by us making it better. It does not just get better.  If we work together I feel like we can change lives. Another term I liked that he used in his Ted talk was meaning makers. We can make meaning out of life. We can do stuff not just by sitting there  but by doing. By getting out there and exploring we are already changing things.  When I was younger I would go outside a lot and play and have fun ride my bike go camping go on hikes. I enjoyed being outside. I think nowadays we need to explore more. I think more classes and more learning experiences can be envolved. Although technology does some great things.  Technology has made the world better but at the same time it has made the world worse at the same time.


  1. Hi Eian. I like your positive thoughts in considering to change the issues we face today regarding technology or the media. I do agree with you that we need to work together to solve these issues. I also agree with you that its not far that the media does portray the bad things. I always ask myself the same question. Why is that? But I guess we will never fully answer that. GREAT POST!!!!!